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Sad Times Down Under

July 27, 2012

Down at the bottom of Australia at the moment but not for chasing any waves…. my to be father in law passed away all too soon last Friday from stomach cancer at the young age of 57. Chris was a man of the sea- a huge sailor and lifelong surfer. He will be greatly missed but will always be with us in the wind and the waves and the great memories I have of him.

Point Leo at the tip of Melbourne was a hugely important place for Chris. He spent many good days here and was heavily involved in management and protection of the surrounding grounds. In between the winter grey and wind, a few hours of sun allowed for a couple fun ones out at the point.

last Thursday, the day before Chris passed away, a rare dolphin showed up at Point Leo, a life long favorite spot of Chris’. We were lucky enough to watch him and a friend cruise the point