Taiwan photos

Plenty of time playing the old “what if” game on the hotel balcony

Can’t complain surfing by myself most of the time however the jet ski guys were a pretty big annoyance and buzzed the lineup all day

the Chinese were loving the “surf boarding”

It wasn’t all grey skies. I guess having surfed trestles with the San O nuclear plant down the beach I wasn’t too phased by the one here in Taiwan in the background

there was some decent swell at one point

More swell later in the week but grey skies and brown water makes for pretty gloomy photos

When the sun came out we’d hammer around on the motorcycle checking the tourist attractions

“when life gives you lemons…” go womping in the shorebreak!


5 Responses to “Taiwan photos”

  1. Taiwan- Lessons Learned from Vegas « Castles Made of Sand Says:

    […] Some more Taiwan photos here […]

  2. drawingwaves Says:

    where were you staying?


  3. wiles Says:

    hahaaa, ya nuss, damn that typhoon looked promising, not much surf tho eh, u probably scored some mysto reef nearby on some island and didnt tell anybody you wanker

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